Ski Trip 20/21 Coach Itinerary 

Day 1

Ready to go ? All aboard !

When your executive touring coach pulls up at your school, it's time to load up the luggage, wave goodbye to all the mums and dads and head off towards the channel,  France and  the sparkling snow-clad Pyrenees 

Day 2

Welcome to Andorra !

The snow is visible from a distance but it's as you drive up into Andorra that you'll realise just how fabulous it is. Arrive at your hotel and do your ski-fit, have a hot dinner and go early to a warm bed ready for your first day's skiing.

Day 3

First day on the slopes

Rise and shine...  breakfast, collect your gear and off to the gondola at El Tarter. We have a special arrangement so our skiers can get through first, nice and early, ready for their lessons. This morning the students will be classified by the ski instructors and put into their respective groups

Day 4

Finding their legs...

Your second day skiing and the beginners are starting to find their balance whilst the more advanced skiers are getting expert tips on how to improve their style.
How about an evening shopping trip down to the Duty Free haven of Andorra la Vella this evening ?

Day 5

We're all experts now !

Your third day on the slopes and everybody's getting on. You'll see the improvement already and the beginners will start to have much more confidence. Tonight might be a good time to go Ice Skating at the local rink ? Or maybe just do a Quiz Night at the hotel...

Day 6

Let yourself go...

Remember, while the pupils are skiing in their class groups, you've got time to explore some of the 240km of ski slopes available to you. Join up again for lunch and listen to the excited chatter from your pupils as they explain their morning's ski experiences to each other.

Day 7

Crikey, it's back to Blighty !

...don't panic, you still have a session of ski to look forward to ! Take advantage of the last day on the slopes to watch your group as they show off their new talents. An early evening meal and board the coach heading back to the UK

Day 8

Home Sweet Home

The weary travellers having travelled overnight through France, arrive home at the school, eager to explain all to their mums and dads... still there where you left them a week ago ! Lots of tales to be told and an early night to be had... was it all a dream ?

Grandvalira (10)
Grandvalira (10)

SunSports #SkiTrip2020 to Grandvalira

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Grandvalira (9)


Grandvalira (10)
Grandvalira (10)

SunSports #SkiTrip2020 to Grandvalira